The Association of European Cinémathèques (ACE) is an affiliation of 44 national and regional preservation film archives from all over Europe. Its role is to protect the European film heritage and to assure that the audiovisual records of the past can be enjoyed and studied for generations to come. ACE´s main aims are:

  • to guarantee the survival of the European film heritage
  • to ensure and enhance its continuing visibility on the cinema screen as well as through digital technologies

To achieve these aims, ACE strives to:

  • promote public interest in European film culture and its history
  • awaken awareness of its cultural and economic value among European decisionmakers and the audiovisual industry
  • create favourable economic and legal conditions to allow the European film archives to fulfil their professional tasks
  • raise sufficient funds to safeguard the medium
  • co-ordinate support for the preservation, restoration and digitisation of films preserved in European archives
  • encourage European-wide technical and scientific research in the field of preservation, restoration and digitisation of film materials

ACE needs public, political and financial support for:

  • its initiatives in the field of preservation, restoration and digitisation
  • a change in the relationship between the archives and the film industry, allowing for a systematic reinvestment in preservation
  • a new legal framework for archival activity
  • more technical and scientific research in preservation, restoration and digitisation methods on a European scale.

Film heritage plays a dominant role in our cultural identity and memory and influences the aspirations of the audiovisual industries. The European preservation archives are the basic platform for that source of knowledge.